Why have I connected my Facebook page successfully, but Facebook Chat Box still does not work?


App Status is OFF. Turn on App to work. 


Your Shopify domain is not automatically added into "Whitelisted Domains" in Facebook settings. To solve this problem, you can follow 4 steps below:

1. Click Settings in your Facebook page

2. Click "Messenger Platform"

3. Paste your PUBLIC DOMAIN on SHOPIFY into “Whitelisted Domains”. Its form is:https://yourdomain  OR  https://your-domain.myshopify.com.

For example: 

Note: Whenever you change a public domain, you must paste the latest link  into “Whitelisted Domains” in Facebook page settings. 

4. Click “Save” to finish 

You can refer to 4 steps in an image below.

If you still encounter any difficulties during the installation, please contact us via email: win@autoketing.com

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