The differences between custom upsell offer, last step upsell offer and custom cross-sell offer

Upsell Cross‑Sell Smart Tool is an app developed by Autoketing. You will find distinctive features in this application.

  • Create upsell and cross-sell offers: Set up offers easily.
  • Power up shopping needs: Recommend different products so that customers buy more items and increase the cart value
  • Grow your revenue: Make more sales by offering to upsell and cross-sell products. Expand the cart value by encouraging customers to purchase more.

We provide 3 types of offer: custom upsell offer, last step upsell offer, and custom cross-sell offer. Do they make sense to you? This article will help you to understand them clearly?

1. Custom Upsell Offer

How does it work? You will set up custom upsell offers to show popups on your store. These popups appear after customers click Add-to-cart button. Popups show upsell products. You choose target products and upsell products. Moreover, you can use a discount for upsell products to boost sales.

2. Last Step Upsell Offer

Last step upsell offer makes popups show up after customers click Checkout button. You set up cart conditions so that customers see the popups. Customers must meet some requirements to see last step upsell popups. For example, their cart value must be greater than a certain amount so that they see popups.

Sales Motivator Bar is an interesting feature.  In the last step of shopping before checkout, Sales motivator bar will continue to encourage customers to add more products to the cart to achieve a fixed target and get a discount.

3. Custom Cross-sell Offer

Unlike upsell offer, custom cross-sell offer shows the list of cross-sell products on the product pages. You can apply discount to cross-sell products to raise cart value.

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