How to set up Shipping Bar Master?

Shipping Bar Master is an application developed by Autoketing team. This is a great app notifying shoppers about the shipping fee of an order through a smart bar. Merchants give customers free shipping recommendations to stimulate them to expend their order.

You follow two steps to install this app.

Step 1: Set up the shipping campaigns on Shopify setting dashboard.

Step 2: Set up features.

- In Shipping Campaign, you set up features as follow:

+ Shipping bar name: Only you can see the name of the free shipping campaign. It will help you distinguish the campaigns in the overview page. Customers will not see the name of the campaigns. You can manage different campaigns effectively.

+ Free shipping goal: You enter the fixed amount of cart value which customers have to reach to get free shipping. 

Message: There are 3 types of message (primary message, progress message, and achieving goal message). You can change the text of messages.

  • Primary message shows the free shipping notification with a fixed amount that you have set in "Free Shipping Goal". Donโ€™t delete variable {{goal}}.
  • Progress message: If the value of the shopping cart is less than the free shipping goal, the notification will show to boost customers to increase the value of the cart.
  • Achieving goal message is shown when customers receive free shipping.

+ You can add a link to the bar. The bar will be clickable after you add a link. You can take customers to any page or website.

+ Social button: Choose to put the social button on the bar or not. You can select one or more buttons. They represent your social accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. You also choose a position to put the buttons.

+ Close button: Show the close button on the bar. Customers can click it to close the bar.

- In Display, you set up features as follow:

+ Bar position: Select one of four basic positions to put bars. Especially, customers can send a request to order a special bar position. 

+ Bar padding: Change the size of the bar.

+ Font and Size: Edit the font and size of the message.

+ Color and Color opacity: You edit the color (background color, text color, and price color) and color opacity.- In Target Configuration, you set up features as follow:

+ Display on page: You can put bars on all pages, home page, collection page or a specific page.

+ Device: Our app can run on desktop and mobile.

+ Schedule: Bars are shown all the time or in the specific time. Choose the start time and the end time for campaigns.Finally, press the Save button to save all your settings.

If you have any problems during the installation, you can contact us via email:

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