How to set up Sales Pop Master?

Sales Pop Master is an automatic app that will display popups to stimulate customer's shopping needs. This app will attract customers' attention and promote their purchase decision. To set up Sales Pop Master, you can follow this instruction below:

Step 1: Set up some features on the dashboard

+ Sales Pop Master will display notifications from real customer's orders with unlimited number. Enter the number of real orders that you want to display on your online store. The display time of the popups will depend on the real time when the customer orders on your store.

+ With the custom design, you can edit some items such as theme, title, and product name. Don't edit variable {{location}}, {{product.title}}, and {{customer.first_name}} because they will automatically pick up location, product name and customer name to display notifications. 

+ Change display options such as desktop position, delay time between 2 notifications, display time, and maximum per page. Besides, you can also select some indicators such as keep when hover or show on mobile. 

Step 2: Click "Save Settings" to save your process Finally, Sales Pop Master will display on your website as follows: 

If you have any problems during the installation, you can contact us via email: 

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