How to set up Discount campaign?

Why should you set up discount campaigns? 

Discount campaigns will help you to boost customer's shopping needs and attract their attention. With the discount feature, store owners can create many different discount campaigns at the present time and the future. Thence, Discount Master will help store owners save more time and manage their campaigns more effectively.

In particular, these discount campaigns can apply to all products or individual products on the online store. So, store owners can stimulate customer's shopping needs through various discount campaigns. 

To set up discount campaigns, you need to keep in mind some information below. 

+ Discount campaign name: Only you can see the name of the discount campaign. It will help you distinguish the campaigns in the overview page. Customers will not see the name of the campaign. Its purpose is to help you manage different discount campaigns. 

+ Discount units: You can select discount units by percentage or fixed amount. The fixed amount will depend on your shop's main currency. 

+ Apply to: You can apply a discount campaign for all products, collections or specific products. Therefore, you can create many discount campaigns with specific products or collections. 

+ Campaign time: You can set up start date, start time, end date, end time. 

+ Cents: Enter a specific number to put the cents unit of all products after the discount on a fixed value. Eg: Override cent is 0.99. The cent unit of all products will be of the form: 49,99 - 14,99 - 35,99 – 12,99 ... 

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